MN.AQVIL Aquillia AR denarius 109-108 BC
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Type: MN.AQVIL Aquillia AR denarius
Date: 109-108 BC
Origin: Roman Republic

Composition: Silver
Weight: 3,9 grams 
Thickness: 4 mm

Diameter: 20 mm 
Shape: Round
Mint: Rome mint
Country: Roman Republic


Obverse: XF+
Reverse: VF+


Obverse: Sol radiate head to right, X below chin

Reverse: Luna in biga, crescent and three stars above, one star below, MN AQVIL below, ROMA in exergue, (Crawford 303/1)

This has been considered by some antiquaries as the earliest device of the Aquillia family, but the assigned reasons are insufficient for reliance. Yet why not view it as an astronomical allusion? The chariot running towards the east, may possibly advert to the moon's heliacal rising with the luminary indicated on the obverse, in whose light both she and the stars would be effaced

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