Gratian AE2, Rome. 22mm, unpublished Variant RIC IX Rome 43a,
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Type: Gratian AE2, Rome. 22mm, unpublished Variant RIC IX Rome 43a,

Origin: Roman Empire

Composition: AE 2(Bronze)
Weight: 4,23 g
Diameter: 22,0 mm 
Shape: Round

Tickness: 1 mm

Mint: SM RO(ME)

Rarity index: 8 (1-10)


Obverse: VF-
Reverse: VF+


Obverse: DN GRATIA-NVS PF AVG, pearl diademed,

draped & cuirassed bust right

Reverse: REPARATIO-REIPVB, Emperor standing 
facing, head left, holding Victory on globe in left hand 
& raising kneeling woman with right hand. 



Ø      Unpublished AE2 in RIC (ROME) -

RIC IX Rome 43a (Variant, diferent Mint)




An early supporter of Christianity, Gratian vigorously

and systematically rooted out paganism wherever he

could and went so far as to refuse the title of Pontifex

Maximus, the highest religious position, feeling that

it belonged to a true religious leader. His early career

was marked by his competent dealing with the

troublesome barbarians north of Italy while later in

his career he withdrew somewhat from his duties to

spend his time hunting instead. He died at the hands

of his own soldiers to avert a bloody civil war against

Magnus Maximus who was fast approaching

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