AE 2 (Bronze), Magnus Maximus, 383-388.Arles
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Type: AE 2 (Bronze), Magnus Maximus, 383-388.Arles

Origin: Roman Imperial
Composition: AE 2(Bronze)
Weight: 4,20 g
Diameter: 24,0 mm 
Shape: Round

Tickness: 1 mm


Rarity index: 7 (1-10)


Obverse: VF-
Reverse: VF-


Obverse: D N MAG MAXI – MVS P F AVG Draped and cuirassed bust to r.

with pearl diadem.

Reverse: Rev. REPARATIO – REIPVB Emperor standing on r., Victory on

globe in l. hand, raising turreted female figure on l.

TCON in exergue.


RIC 26a. C. 31


Magnus Maximus,  (died Aug. 27, 388), usurping Roman

emperor who ruled Britain, Gaul, and Spain from ad 383 to 388.

A Spaniard of humble origin, Maximus commanded the Roman

troops in Britain against the Picts and Scots. In the spring of

383, Maximus’ British troops proclaimed him emperor, and he

at once crossed to the European continent to confront his rival

, the Western emperor Gratian. Maximus won over Gratian’s

advancing troops; Gratian fled but was overtaken and killed

(Aug. 25, 383).

Maximus took up residence at Augusta Treverorum (modern 

Trier, Ger.) and entered into negotiations with the Eastern

emperor, Theodosius I. Since hostile tribes were threatening

his eastern frontier, Theodosius decided to recognize

Maximus rather than fight a war in the West. Maximus also

opened negotiations with Valentinian II, the young ruler who

had been coemperor with Gratian, and made an uneasy

peace with him. At this time Maximus elevated his son

Flavius Victor to be coruler with him, and his elevation was

recognized by the other two emperors.

In the summer of 387 Maximus invaded Italy, forcing

Valentinian to flee to Thessalonica. War broke out in 388

between Maximus and Theodosius, whose position had

been strengthened by a treaty with the Persians. When

his troops were defeated near Siscia and at Pola, in

Illyricum (modern Sisak and Pula, Croatia), Maximus was

captured and executed. The “Dream of Macsen,” one of the

11 tales in the medieval Welsh Mabinogion, tells a legendary

version of Magnus Maximus’s rise to power.


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