As. Obulco. (Andalusia), Spain, Bronze
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Type: As. Obulco. (Andalusia), Spain, Bronze

Origin: Obulco, Iberian city, Early 2nd century BC

Composition: Bronze

Weight: 13,74 g
Diameter: 28,0 mm 
Shape: Round

Tickness: 1,6 mm

Mint: Obulco  Early 2nd century BC

Rarity index: Rare.


Obverse: VF-
Reverse: F


Obverse: Diademed female head right.

Reverse: Iberian legend OBVLCO before / URKAILTU and NESELTUKO in two lines.

Plow left above, grain ear left below.


Ø      X. & F. Calicó (Catálogo de Monedas Antiguas de Hispania, model 902, p.127.


History: Obulco, a Roman municipium of Hispania Baetica (Andalusia), now called Porcuna, a town of some note between Cordova and Gienna. Its coins which are autonomous, bear for their types generally a female head, sometimes a horseman, at others a bull, and the word OBVLCO, with the names of Roman duumvirs, and Celtiberian inscriptions.


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